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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : November 1999

The Amateur Billiard Player : November 1999

News from the Editor’s Chair

Photo of The Editor (25k)

The 1999 IBSF World Billiards Championship at Carlow lived up
to all popularly predicted expectations and provided for those who
took part a lasting impression of friendship, unrivalled international
hospitality, and sport of the highest quality. When Joe Millen and myself
hoisted Praprut on to our shoulders above the laser-strobed disco
revellers at the ‘Dinn Ri’ night-spot, one thousand fingers pointing to
congratulate our new world champion to a rendition of Tina Turner’s
‘Simply the Best’ was a fitting climax to the World Championship.
Praprut Chaithanasakun is indeed ‘something special’. He enthralled
the spectators with his deft cue control and super relaxed demeanour,
his performance from start to finish was without fault. He has the ability
to go far.

Photo of Mike Russell (26k)

Mike Russell
on top of
the World !
Russell claims
his fourth World

The championship provided sport at the highest level for all the
participants and there were notable performances in all sections. Paul
Bennett had a very good championship, recording the highest aggregate
scores during the ten days, but unfortunately was a faller at the last
hurdle to an exceptional opponent. Paul will be joining the professional
ranks in November. This journal wishes him every success in his
venture. Paul has been a fine ambassador to our sport on all his
international travels. His kindly disposition, his interest and knowledge
of the game, and his canny Teesside wit have found him friendship and
affection far and wide.

A late telephone entry from Alex Higgins was unfortunately just too
late to fill the gaps left by late withdrawals from the championship.
The two places being nobly filled by Bob Slee and John Smith two
well-known enthusiasts on the English billiards circuit.

The Championship proved once again that this event can easily be
supported and accommodated by the amateur playing fraternity. The
Amateur Billiard Player whole-heartedly supports this consensus of
popular opinion and recommends to all international bodies that the
IBSF World Amateur Billiards Championship be reinstated to its former
status together with the British Empire Trophy for its winner. It further
recommends the introduction of a World Open Billiards Championship
playing for a new and separate trophy. These championships could be
played on alternate years. This arrangement would ensure professional,
amateur, and mixed competition. What could be better ? If our sport is
to develop, a structured approach to its organisation at international
level is vital.

I recently had a letter from a gentleman in Cheshire (see page 14) who
was most concerned about our front cover, and in particular about the
bridge hand which forms the main object of our attempts at graphic
design. I share the reader’s concern and as a consequence of his prompt
have commissioned the design team to make amends. This has been
made possible by the sudden and unfortunate, but convenient, demise
of our front cover model, who by the way was a left handed bouclé
bridging double jointed octogenarian. We hope to have a new design
in place for the February issue. The point made about showing a yellow
ball will have to wait. When circulation expands and funds permit we
will move to full colour, In the meantime, however, we will all have to
use our imaginations. Thank you for your letter Ray, your interest is

It is with great sadness and a great sense of loss that I report the deaths
of two great stalwarts of our game. Stan Brooke of Leeds, and Ramon
Moore of Bridgwater both died recently of cancer. Stan had been
involved in billiards and snooker for over fifty years and during his
career had reached the highest administrative and coaching pinnacles
of our sport. Ramon was a well known referee and player on the amateur

billiards circuit whose willingness to give a helping hand was well
known and always much appreciated. Ramon will be best remembered
for his very kindly gesture in bringing three gallons of the very best
Somerset cider to the Friendly Cup international at Kings Lynn in 1997,
in attempt to tame the drinking propensity of our friends from Northern
Ireland, Unfortunately the calculations were a little misguided, Ramon
was the only one to finish under the table !

Derick Townend

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