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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 1999

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 1999


The Oatlands Mount S. C. Harrogate (16th-17th January 1999)

The Players & Rankings

England Northern Ireland
Robin Wilson (1) Aaron Cahoon (1)
James Chambers (2) Joe Buttimer (2)
Dean Bavister (3) Maynard Hamilton (3)
John Hartley (4) Ricki Lee (4)

The junior internationals were making their first appearance of the
season competing for the ‘Kingsman Cup´. Playing alongside the
more experienced senior internationals, this would prove to be a
valuable experience in the learning process for the young stars of the
future. The juniors competed for a total of 24 points, and would play
the short game format of three games of 100 up and the longer game of
one hour duration.

1 x 1hr. (3 pts)
J. Hartley
217 R. Lee
D. Bavister
127 M. Hamilton

If the young players had any “big-match” nerves, it wouldn´t have
helped to have been given the “honour” to be the first to play on the
pristine Riley´s match tables in front of the competition sponsors and
about 100 spectators!

Playing games of one hour duration, England had nineteen year old
John Hartley first in action against fellow number four seed Ricki Lee.
Hartley is the current secretary of the Teesside Boys Billiards League
and had been playing the game for over ten years, whilst opponent
Lee had reportedly only taken up billiards two weeks previous to the

Both players struggled to come to terms with the new cloth and tight
pockets in the early stages, before the more experienced Hartley exerted
his authority to give England the early advantage.

On the adjoining table, eighteen year old Dean Bavister of Northants
was in action against the potting sensation Maynard Hamilton. The
Irish number three seed had made three maximum ‘147´ breaks at
snooker, but little was known about his billiard qualities. Bavister
struggled to make anything count and went down to a score of 204-

3 x 100 up (1 point/game)
R. Wilson
3 J. Buttimer
J. Chambers
2 A. Cahoon

The middle session´s play saw the top four juniors in action with the
100 up format. Playing in the tiny billiard room on the first floor of the
club was a stark contrast to the atmosphere of the main arena. Reigning
English under nineteen champion Robin Wilson from Middlesbrough,
is only fifteen years old but already has lots of titles and records to his
name. Playing against Irish number two seed Joe Buttimer, Wilson
wasted no time in getting down to business. He kicked off in the first
game with two breaks over thirty to record a 100-3 score. Thereafter,
Buttimer failed to produce his best, seeming to be overawed with his
opponent making the most of every opportunity, and Wilson continued
to dominate going on to win the match 3-0 with scores of 100-40 and

The Irish top seed Aaron Cahoon is a regular face in the junior
international side for Northern Ireland, with an impressive physique
for his age, he dwarfed the rest of the junior players. Against England
number two Jimmy Chambers of Ely, Cahoon made the highest break
of the first day with a run of 40. This wasn´t enough however as
Chambers went on to secure a 2-1 victory and leave England with an
8-4 advantage at the end of the first day.

1 x 1hr. (3 pts)
R. Wilson
307 A. Cahoon
J. Chambers
238 J. Buttimer

The second day´s play began with England knowing they could secure
the title if they won both of the opening one hour games. Buttimer was
hoping to show some form after his disappointing first match, but in a
slow paced game with lots of safety techniques involved, he didn´t get
much opportunity. Opponent Jimmy Chambers recorded his second
win of the international with an eighty point victory in a game without
too much excitement.

With this game going on however, most eyes in the room were focused
on the battle between the top two seeds, Cahoon and Wilson. Cahoon
started well and was quickly into a scoring mode whilst young Wilson
seemed to struggle with the table and the atmosphere. As the game
progressed Wilson began to peg back and included a 45 break to level
things up. Cahoon asked the referee for permission to remove his
waistcoat and things looked as though they could heat up, but from
this point Wilson dominated and went on to record a near one hundred
point victory and take the ‘Kingsman Cup´ for the English juniors.

3 x 100 up (1 point/game)
D. Bavister
3 R. Lee
J. Hartley
2 M. Hamilton
Photo of  (22k)

Councillor Mrs Ruth Timmis, Lady Mayor of Harrogate
breaking off in the billiards international at Oatlands Mount
Club. In the background is Peter Shelley, EABA Chairman.

With the trophy secured, the final two pairings were competing
essentially for pride. With most attention focused on the senior players
in the downstairs arena, only a handful of spectators sat in the club´s
billiard room for the final games; these mainly compromising players
and parents.

Dean Bavister started well against Ricki Lee and won the first game
without his opponent reaching double figures. He experience little more
difficulty in his remaining games, going on to include a 48 break—the
highest of the weekend for the juniors—in clinching a 3-0 victory.
John Hartley was full of confidence after his victory the previous day
and seemed to be playing a very relaxed game against Maynard
Hamilton. The Irish number three, renowned for his potting skills
struggled to find his angles as Hartley edged the first game by a few
points. The second was probably the tightest game of the weekend as
Hamilton, picking up his form, raced into an early fifty point lead.
However some unexpected misses by the Irish No.3 when requiring
only a handful of points gave Hartley one chance too many as he
compiled a break of 40 unfinished to move 2-0 ahead. In the last game
Hartley again came from behind, threatening to run out again as a
break of 39 fell just short of the winning post. This time Hamilton
ensured he did not get another chance and salvaged the final point for
the Irish squad, bringing the final match score to 19-5.

Jimmy Chambers collected the “Kingsman” trophy on behalf of his
England colleagues, which was presented by Mike Russell.

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