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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : November 1998

The Amateur Billiard Player : November 1998


DIED (12th September 1998)

Photo of Albert Hansen (24k)

Cheers … Albert !
Thanks for everything you have done for the game of billiards
[photo courtesy of the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette]

Albert Hanson was the Secretary of the English
Amateur Billiards Association. He was also the
Secretary of The Teesside Boys Billiards League and
had worked very hard in that capacity for many years.
His dedication to Billiards and Snooker was well
recorded and he will be sadly missed by the readers of
his regular weekly news column, along with his
colleagues on the E.A.B.A committee. Albert stuck his
neck out on many occasions on many issues for the good
of the game of Billiards, his efforts made a great
contribution to the success which the game is now

Billiard and snooker lovers everywhere, and particularly
in Teesside, will be deprived of a great worker for the
game. The Pro-Am event at South Bank Albion—
reported elsewhere in this issue—was entirely due to
his efforts, and it is feared that his plans for future events
at that club, and his new club in Billingham, will not
now come to fruition. It is certain that no single person
could hope to equal his achievements, or take over the
vast amount of work which he was doing within the

At his funeral service, friends and admirers from around
the country packed the small church hall in
Dormanstown to pay their last respects. These included
professional billiard and snooker players, representatives
from the WPBSA and EABA and of course, lads from
his beloved Boys Billiard League.

The name of Albert Hanson will be well remembered in
association with the name of English Billiards, and the
billiards fraternity will be forever grateful for the work
that he put into the sport. The sympathy of all billiard
players goes to Albert’s wife Audrey and to their sons at
this time, and to all Albert’s friends and colleagues on

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