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Matchplay 2014

Last 32               P Mumford 2 100,100(57unf)   A Winn 0 51,27   B Harvey 2 100,15,100   Bill Andress 1 29,100,52   S Crosland 2 100,100   C Cator 0 47,28   R Hall 2 100,100(102unf)   J McCann 0 45,0   D Nichols 2 100,100   P …

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2015 Matchplay

Round 1 (best of 3*100up)               name   breaks score name   breaks score Jamie Wayman     100 Joe Graham     32 Jamie Wayman     100 Joe Graham     72 Rob Hall   56 100 Chris Mitchell     23 Rob Hall   50 100 …

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EABA Matchplay – Hall Warms up for English Defence

EABA Matchplay – Hall Warms up for English Defence Sunday 17th March 2019, Atack Club, Nuneaton Rob Hall beat Mark Hirst in the final EABA ranking tournament of 2018/19, the matchplay, played over a maximum of 3*100 up frames( or a maximum of 75 minutes). Hall retained this title, having a 100 unfinished break in …

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ABC MatchPlay – Hall is top of the Pops Again

ABC MatchPlay – Hall is top of the Pops Again 13th March 2016 – Atak Club, Nuneaton. Rob Hall took the MatchPlay title again at Nuneaton, losing only one hundred up leg to semi finalist Mark Hatton who finishes in second place in the rankings to confirmed leader Hall. Jamie Wayman played well and made his …

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2014/15 – Matchplay

Matchplay – Rob Hall is Top of the Pops 15th March 2015, Atack, Nuneaton. Rob Hall sealed top place in the 2014/15 rankings by winning d in winning the matchplay event at Nuneaton, defeating Teessider Mark Hatton in the final, with unfinished breaks in all 3 final legs. Hall prevented an all Teesside final by …

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