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The EABA is saddened to hear of the passing of Richard Lodge. Richard died on the 10 December after a long illness. Richard, a Bradfordian through and through, started playing billiards as a young lad in the Bradford Sunday School League and within a few years became one of the leading players in the city. …

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English Amateur South 12/12/21

South English Amateur 12/12/2021 Name Breaks Score Score Breaks Name J.Mullane 157,59,56,57 448 88 J.Hoad G.Barrett 231 83 D.White B.Russell 200 186 M.Kunzi M.Goodwill 60 181 173 C.Mitchell M.Goodwill 212,106 418 69 M.Kunzi B.Russell 224 195 C.Mitchell J.Mullane 64,57 378 84 D.White G.Barrett 240 148 J.Hoad J.Mullane 104,71,64 426 142 50 G.Barrett J.Hoad 173 95 …

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English Amateur 12/12/2021 North East

North East English Amateur 12/12/2021 Name Breaks Score Score Breaks Name M.Peaker 89,59 273 187 S.Kershaw J.Marwood 70 261 159 M.Graham M.Hatton 57 213 141 R.Bickerdike D.Kell 68,57,53 357 160 D.Peaker A.Clarke 285 143 C.Fitzpatrick D.Kell 59,52 315 117 R.Bickerdike J.Marwood 102,73 320 108 S.Kershaw M.Peaker 93,58 356 150 M.Graham M.Hatton 111,91,54 377 176 D.Peaker …

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English Amateur Results North West 12/12/20

F. Bradley 111 T. McAdam 161; E. Duggan 184 W. Pallister 84; F. Bradley 160 P. Sheehan 370 (59,71); T. McAdam 96 E. Duggan 266 (53); F. Bradley 129 W. Pallister 116; T. McAdam 96 P. Sheehan 520 (85,85,68); F. Bradley 116 E. Duggan 311 (53); W. Pallister 115 P. Sheehan 498 (53, 142u); T. …

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English Amateur 5/12/2021 Maltings Club Kings Lynn

Name Breaks Score Score Breaks Name N.Mann 54 238 128   D.Manders P.Welham   235 142   M.Johnson M.Cooper   163 138   R.Wild G.Norman 65,57 310 125   I.Dennis J.Easter   222 151   J.Davis C.Daws   225 202   M.White A.Lynch   137 121   M.Hill R.Hall 271,66,52,52 657 91   R.Woods Session …

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Calendar Update

We have made a few updates to our Calendar. They are Listed as Follows:   Sun 5th Dec 2021 EABA English Amateur Qualifiers East @ Kings Lynn Sun 6th Feb 2022 Grand Masters Prelims @ Kings Lynn Sun 6th Mar 2022 English Amateur Round 2 Cue Club Derby Sun 20th Mar 2022 EABA ABC # …

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ABC Cancelled

ABC #2 is now cancelled. Will all members and player please note that Sundays ABC is cancelled and will be rearranged for the new year. This was caused by an unfortunate double booking at the Q Club. Please accept our apologies and I will update everyone with the new date once finalised. The EABA

ABC #1 Derby 2021

A very strong field of 36 players took place in the first ABC event following the Covid Lockdowns. Peter Sheehan (Ex Pro) who had not played for 18 years came back to the EABA ranks, his first match saw his classs with the highest break of the day with 338, with his win over John …

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English Junior Championships 2021

ENGLISH JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS 2021This years holding of these historic Championships was held yesterday at the Maltings Q Club, Kings Lynn.Finley Brown(16) added the u19s Championship to his 2 previous wins in the u16’s Boys Championship with a fine display in the final defeating pre-event favourite Alec Chalmers 230(36.32)-165 with some gutsy match-play. Harry Grimmett(15) won …

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2021-2022 Season

At the EABA meeting held on the 10 August the following decisions were made.   We intend to re-open activities as soon as possible but in the interests of caution and manageability the itinerary will be condensed.   The program will contain the following Events:   Four ABC’s with  two before Christmas and two in …

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Season 2021 – 2022 Update

A committee meeting was scheduled to take place in June 2021 to discuss the way forward to restarting the EABA events later this year. Due to the lockdown extension this has now been postponed until July pending the Government lifting restrictions. We are sorry for the continuing uncertainty but we do hope that events will …

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