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CIU Individual

CIU Individual Billiards Championship Year Winner Club Score Finalist Club 2008 Martin Goodwill Chippenham Gladstone Liberal 810-667 Robin Wilson Stockton Buffs Details 2007 Martin Goodwill Chippenham Gladstone Liberal 914-621 Robin Wilson Stockton Buffs Details 2006 Billy Bousfield Stockton Blytheholme 1055-552 Phillip Welham Swaffham Ex-Servicemens Club Details 2005 Phillip Welham Swaffham Ex-Servicemens Club 994-579 Simon Snee …

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CIU 2007

Tournaments CIU Individual Billiards 2006/07 Quarter-finals Quarter-final Results Martin Goodwill 500 Phil Davis 275 Clive Everton 500 John Ingleby 488 Robin Wilson 500 Rob Hall 417 Simon Snee 500 Billy Bousfield 366 Semi-finals 3 Hours North Played at the Chilton & Windleston WMC, on Saturday 14th April 2007 Session 1 Robin Wilson 97, 70, 62, …

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CIU 2006

 Tournaments CIU Individual Billiards 2005/06 Quarter-finals Quarter-final Results Jack Hedley 500 Mark Tims 111 P. Whelam 500 Chris Taylor 262 Billy Bousfield 500 Branson Hoole 336 Tony Mackinder 500 Simon Snee 303 Semi-finals 3 Hours North Played at the Chilton & Windleston WMC, on Saturday 8th April 2006 Billy Bousfield 87, 61 685 (11.6) Tony …

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CIU 2005

Tournaments CIU Individual Billiards 2004/05 First Round Completion date: 19th October 2004 An entry of 32 players for the CIU National Billiards Championship was the largest for many years, giving encouragement to the organisers that the recent downward trend can be reversed with a little effort to advertise the event amongst the billiards-playing community. The …

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CIU 2004

Tournaments 2004 National Individual Billiards Championship Semi-finals Farncombe W M Social Club, Godalming, Surrey (Saturday 6th March, 2004) Jack Hedley 50, 52, 131 730 (10.6) Dave Burgess 59, 123, 66, 77 706 (10.1) Chilton & Windlestone Club, Darlington Road, Chilton, Ferryhill, Co Durham (March 13th) Simon Snee w/o Lee Lagan scr Lee Lagan conceded this …

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CIU 2003

Tournaments 2003 National Individual Billiards Championship Preliminary Round David Burgess (Sarisbury Green Social Club) 500 G. Lee (Durrington W.M.C. Wilts) 249 Neal Rewhorn (Unicorn Social Club) 500 C. Arrowsmith (Crewe Pioneer Anglers Club) 100 John Ingleby (Bradley & Colne Bridge Club) 500 G. Hope (Crewe Pioneer Anglers Club) 225 Peter Shelley (Ball Green W.M.C) 79, …

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CIU 2001

Billiard Records : 2001 CIU Individual 2001 INDIVIDUAL BILLIARDS CHAMPIONSHIP Preliminary Round Four of the players who had been scheduled for action in the preliminary round of the CIU National Billiards Championship, were favoured with walk- overs as their opponents conceded their games. Of those matches which were played, the 1999 Champion, Tony Mackinder, set …

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CIU 2000

Billiard Records : 2000 CIU Individual 2000 INDIVIDUAL BILLIARDS CHAMPIONSHIP The entry of 27 for the CIU National Billiards Championship was two less than last year, with perhaps the most notable absentee being the 1998 Champion, Neal Rewhorn. With a total of £1,300 in prize money, this contest is the last to be sponsored by …

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CIU 1999

 Billiard Records : 1999 CIU Individual 1999 INDIVIDUAL BILLIARDS CHAMPIONSHIP   Lee Lagan made breaks of 259 and 216. There was a disappointing entry of 29 players for the £1,100 CIU National Individual Billiards, with eleven of these coming from Teesside clubs. The three top players from that region—Bennett, Lagan and Kell—were all faced with …

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