The E.A.B.A Calendar has now been finalised for the next season. This can be downloaded here as a PDF or can be viewed on the Calendar below.

2019-2020 Calendar

The latest calendar for the new season is now ready. You can download it here.

Calendar of events 2019/20   

August 2019

Sat/Sun    17th/18th                       World Billiards Ltd – Jim Williamson Trophy – NSC Leeds. TBC


September 2019

Sat/Sun    6th/8th                           World Billiards Ltd – New Zealand Open TBC

Sat/Sun    14th/15th                     Whitworth Masters – Joseph Whitworth Centre – Darley Dale – Derbyshire

Sat/Sun    21st/22rd                       UK Seniors (over 50) Championship 2019 – Cue Ball Club – Derby

Sat/Sun    28th /29th                      World Billiards Ltd – Austrian Open


October 2019

Sun/Sat    6th/12th                         World Billiards Ltd – World Open and World Championships- Melbourne Australia

Sun            13th                                 1st   ABC Ranking event – Clay Cross. Closing date for all championship entries

Sun            20th                                 EABA County Championship – Cueball Club – Derby

Tues          22nd                                EABA Management meeting – inc. English Draw

Sun            27th                                 2nd ABC Ranking event – Cambridge


November 2019

Sun            3rd                                   English Amateur Championship – 1st round qualifiers (down to 32) venues to be advised

Sun            10th                                 3rd A.B.C. National Ranking Event – Clay Cross

Sat/Sun    16th/17th                       World Billiards Ltd –  British Open – TBC

Sat/Sun    23rd/24th                       Billiards International – N Ireland, ROI, England, Austria – Celbridge R.O.I.


December 2019

Sat/Sun    30th/1st

Sun            8th                                   Grand Masters Championship -qualifiers at regional venues                                 

Sat/Sun    14th/15th


January 2020

Sat/Sun    4th/5th

Tues         7th                                    EABA Management meeting

Sun            12th                                 4th ABC National ranking event – Clay Cross

Sat/Sun    18th/19th                       Friendly/Kingsman Cup – N Ireland v England

Sat/Sun   25th/26th                       World Billiards Ltd – Scottish Open TBC


February 2020

Sun            2rd                                  English Amateur Championship Regional Intermediate Round – North/South

Sun            9th                                   5th ABC National Ranking Event – Atack Snooker – Nuneaton

Sun            16th                                English Championships (16 – 8) & (8 – 4). Clay Cross – Derbyshire

Sun            23th                                 Grand Masters Finals – Atack Snooker – Nuneaton


March 2020

Sat/Sun    29th/1st                          EBSS – Southampton

Tue             3th                                   E.A.B.A. Management Committee Meeting.

Sat/Sun    7th/8th                            Seniors International (over 50) England v N Ireland – Newark Conservative Club

Sun            15th                                 EABA Match Play Championship – Short format – Atack – Nuneaton

Sat/Sun    21st/22nd                      English Amateur Championship Semis and Final – Darley Dale

Sat/Sun    28th/29th                      World Billiards Ltd – English Open – TBC


April 2020

Sat/Sun    4th/5th

Fri/Sun 10th/12th                         World Billiards Ltd – UK Open – NSC – Leeds

Sun            19th                                Junior Finals Day – Kings Lynn                                                                                       

Mon/Fri   20th/24th                      World Billiards Ltd – World Championship – Short format – Norther Snooker Centre – Leeds – TBC                           Sun 26th                                 EABA Over 60’s championship – Clay Cross


May 2020

Thur/Sun 1st/3rd                          EBSS Tournament   – Jersey

Sat              9th                                   EABA – AGM – Clay Cross – Derbyshire

Sun            10th                                 Jock MacGregor Handicap – Ranking Event – Clay Cross – Derbyshire

Sat/Sun    16th/17th                       World Billiards Ltd – Irish Open – TBC

Mon/Wed 18th/20th                    World Billiards Ltd – European Open – Carlow ROI – TBC