The north west open billiards championship was held on Sunday 2nd October 2016 at the Eastham Home Guard Club, Park Road on the Wirral. This annual event is also known at the Strachan Challenge Cup was limited to 16 players due to limited tables.

The event was won by Geoff Brassington a regular EABA player who from his first match where he had breaks of 117 and 49 was the player on form. In runner up spot in his first north west final was our own Peter Stanyer. The final was a one way affair with Geoffs first visit of 91 setting the tone. He ran in 5 other breaks of 40+ to make it an easy victory.
Thanks go to our referee John Squires and Eddie Fielding who acted as tournament director/organiser.

Brendan Carrol 132 167 Richard Whitle
Eddie Fielding 151 141 Eddie Duggan
Dennis Marr 249 127 Terry McAdam
Geoff Brassington(117) 258 136 Steve Bradshaw
Steve Stokes 164 160 Phil Wooland
Peter Stanyer 154 132 Tony Cooke
Ian Taylor 117 209 Tony Burns
Lennie Agnew 273 152 Mal Hughes


Richard Whittle 219 179 Eddie Fielding
Geoff Brassington 265 127 Dennis Marr
Peter Stanyer 243 127 Steve Stokes
Tony Burns 197 181 Lennie Agnew


G Brassington(90,50) 280 116 Richard Whittle
Peter Stanyer 255 154 Tony Burns


G Brassington (91) 379 113 Peter Stanyer