2016 English Amateur Finalists – Welham v Hall

2nd April 2016 – Whitworth Institute, Darley Dale

Three times and reigning champion Rob Hall put on a blistering second session performance, scoring over 900 points and putting on board this years competition high break (by a single point) of 280 in qualifying for the final. The first session of both games were tight with no centuries made, Hatton’s 99 being highest in the other semi. This game ebbed and flowed and looked set to produce a tight finish with only around 40 points difference with 5 minutes left. Twice winner Phil Welham showed his experience in playing some crucial shots at the death to win through to Sundays final. John Mullane scored well in his limited opportunities but couldn’t match Halls second session points haul to set up the final with Welham.

Session 1  Session 2  Total
Mark Hatton v Phil Welham
Referee: Bob Slee
Scorer: Peter Cooper
Hatton 486 (99)
Welham 375 (76)
Hatton 419 (53,60,77)
Welham 609 (85,52,64,76)
Hatton 905
Welham 984
John Mullane v Rob Hall
Referee: Martin O’Reilly
Scorer: John Squires

Mullane 415
Hall 528 (89,95,97)
Mullane 362 (50,63,93)
Hall 912 (280,111,179,84,72,63)
 Hall 1440
Mullane 777
English Amateur Semi Final 2016

English Amateur Semi Final 2016

Pictured L->R are referee Peter Cooper, John Mullane, referee Martin O’Reilly, Phil Welham, referee Bob Slee, defending champion Rob Hall, Mark Hatton, referee John Squires, tournament director Clive Scott.