English Amateur Final

Rob Hall won his second English Amateur Title defeating Phil Mumford in the final at the Whitworth Institute, Darley Dale.

Saturday saw the two Phils battling it out and even though Phil Welham scored nicely he was always playing catch up to Phil Mumford.

Scoring averages: morning P .Welham 11.51  P.Mumford 20.28 Afternoon P.W 18.96  P.M  33.08.
Result Phil Mumford.1557–Phil Welham 858
Breaks–P.Mumford.1st Session(184,134,90)
P.Welham. 1st.(87,51) 2nd.(96,90,70,55)

In the other match John Mullane was like Phil Welham  always playing catch up with Rob who was in great form.
Morning Averages John Mullane 19.95.  Rob Hall  29.50  Afternoon  J.M. 14.50   R. H.  32.75.
Result  Rob Hall 1606 –  John  Mullane  809
Breaks R.Hall.1st Session (154,138,95,51)
2nd (198,132,122,122,90,80,72)
J.Mullane. 1st(53)2ns.(122).

Everyone was expecting a great final and let me tell you it lived up to expectations. Phil Mumford was behind in the morning session 481  to Rob Halls 823.

After that I think Phil wanted to show the people watching just how he can play he started potting as we know he can and this led to  a couple of nice 100+ breaks  But Rob was not going to let this go easy and when at the top he just flowed . Brilliant match all round both should be very pleased with their performances.
Breaks. R.Hall 1st Session (178,98,85,61)2nd.(282,169,109,52).
P.Mumford.1st (142) 2nd (128,96,60)

Rob Hall 1425 – Phil Mumford  769
Thanks guys a great performance.