Four Nations

4 Nations Billiards International – England Retain Trophy

Cue Ball Club – Derby – 15th/16th November 2014

England retained the four nations trophy in a great weekend of billiards in Derby. England’s top dogs of Hall, Mullane, Taylor and Kell were unbeaten throughout, with Duggan and Winn doing well on debut. The, (sorry chaps) old stagers of Harvey and Mitchell made up the winning team. A number of other centuries were made over the weekend, Rob Hall topping the list with a magnificent top break of 341 . Northern Ireland were runners up, scoring consistently throughout the weekend, with Christian Kirk having a ton in pushing Rob Hall. The Republic were only 8 points off their neighbours, with Wayne Doyle scoring well and hitting a century. Austria continued to progress, finishing with a creditable 20 points with notable breaks from Stegemeir, Rieschl and Schmidt. Final score: England 62, Northern Ireland 35, Republic of Ireland 27, Austria 20 points. Full results to follow.