2017/18 English Amateur Billiards Championship-Intermediate Stage

Various Venues, 4th February 2018

Last 32 to last 16. Please see the draw via the link.

Draw is Here

2017/18 3rd Ranking Event – Groundhog Day for Nicholls

Cambridge Snooker Centre, 12th Nov. 2017

Dave Nicholls repeated his win in the second ABC tournament with a win over Teessider Darren Kell, again taking the highest break prize with a fine 195 break in the first round. The win was not without it’s lairy moments, a 124 break against Mark Graham with the last break of the match overcame a 80 point deficit after Graham’s 95 break. Similarly, in the semi, Phil Mumford had a 122 break but Nicholls countered that with a 123 and then ran out with the scores almost level with a 60 unfinished. Kell beat travelling companion Mark ‘Buster’ Hatton in the first round and Chris Achilles in the semi-final and was consistent throughout but couldn’t balance Nicholls robust scoring in the final. Hatton had the consolation of taking the plate from Derby veteran Dave Rees, messrs Payne and Whittle making the semi-final. Earlier, Eva Palmius had a notable victory in defeating Craig Fitzpatrick and reaching the quarter finals, losing out by just 43 points from making the semi. Chris Achilles was the victor, the points from this cementing his place at 4th in the rankings. Nichols went top of the rankings and Kell joint second, see Here.
Results are Here.

2017/18 Second ABC Event – Nichols Hits Double Top

Clay Cross, 8th October 2017

David Nichols played well throughout this event to win his first ABC for some 13 years. He saved his best until the final, defeating English Amateur champion Rob Hall with the aid of the days highest break of 194 (after a 120unf in an earlier round), taking the prize from Hall’s 193 break (which surpassed his earlier break of 164). Gary Norman again made the semi final (against Hall), York teacher Jon Marwood having a good run until Nicholls taught him a lesson in the other semi.

In the plate, Teessiders Darren Kell and Jon Snee fought a great semi-final, Snee hitting a century break but Kell timed his comeback well to be unbeaten at the bell on 31 to win by 8 points.  Bill Andress lost out in the semi to Eddie Fielding who stayed with Kell to the 100 point mark in the final but then a stream of breaks sealed it for Kell. Richard Whittle had a noteable first round win against previous ABC event winner Kell.

ABC debuts were made by Michael Cockcroft and Chris Bishop.

The EABA would like to thank all at the Clay Cross Club for their good playing conditions and support.

Results are Here

2017/18 First ABC Event – Teesside Travelling Twosome go Toe to Toe

Clay Cross, Derbyshire, 10th September 2017

Travelling companions Darren Kell and Mark Hatton slugged it out in the final of the first Amateur Billiards Competition (ABC) of the 2017/2018 season at Clay Cross. Hatton had a 63 break, but Kell’s series of breaks and strong scoring saw him home for a first ABC win in 2 years, it being his 12th ABC win in total.

Earlier, David Nicholls fought off Rob Hall for a notable win in the last 8 before narrowly falling victim to Kell in the semi-finals, Hatton’s victory at the same stage being over Mark Hirst, who had the consolation of taking the days highest break with 104, Mark Graham’s 100 being the only other ton.

In the plate, Frank Bradley had a good run to the semi before losing out to eventual winner Arthur Winn. Gary Norman defeated Chris Achilles to reach the final and Chris Ellis, normally noted for his refereeing, made good progress in the plate as a player. His colleagues Bob Slee and (lofty) Peter Cooper expertly officiated in the finals, under the direction of director Clive Scott.

A mention for 15 year old Ryan Davies who looks an excellent prospect and had the misfortune of drawing England players in early rounds.




2017/18 First Ranking Event – Jock McGregor Memorial – Hall Rise

Clay Cross, Derbyshire, 13th May 2017

The Rob Hall juggernaut carried on from monopolising the No.1 spot the previous season, with an emphatic victory in the 2017/18 first ranking event of the season, named in honor of someone with a very similar great love of the game – if maybe a slight gap in the standards achieved. Jock McGregor was a great character and supporter of Billiards.

Hall was unhindered by a handicap mark of -220 and made a superb top break of 408 in defeating Cornwall’s silver fox, Chris Mitchell in the final. Mitchell beat Chris Achilles in the semis, Brian Harvey was Hall’s semi final victim. Earlier, Hall made 168, 146, 179, 128, 108 and 202 breaks. As expected, the handicaps made for some tight games and one or two good results, Mark Hirst made a 145 break in winning his first game but Peter Clarke narrowly saw him off in the next round. Jim McCann made a return to form in winning the plate event, beating Mark Graham in the final, Peter Johnson and Steve Crosland making the semi finals.

Results are Here

Final 2015/16 Rankings Confirmed

Final rankings Here.
Please Note:
– Tied positions separated by English amateur and MatchPlay results
– Substitutions in the English Amateur earn points up until initial knock-out












5th 2015/16 ABC – Hall Robs Mumford

10th January 2016 – Clay Cross, Derbyshire.

Rob Hall got back to ABC winning ways with a victory over Phil Mumford at Clay Cross, final refereed by Chris Ellis. Both players warmed up for the final with strong wins in the semis; Hall scored heavily to defeat Mark Graham and Mumford having a double century break against Chris Taylor. Hall led the century breaks list (107,154,110,153,120), Mumford having the highest of the day of 240 and 129unf, with Darren Kell (100) and Chris Taylor (109) also hitting tons. Jon Marwood was close with a 95.
In the plate final, this seasons plate specialists clashed, Eddie Fielding losing out to Gary Norman, Peter Cooper officiating.
Results Here.
Updated rankings Here.



At the EABA committee meeting held on the 5 January 2016 a package of measures aimed at promoting the prospects of grass roots players was discussed and approved. These measures will take effect for the 2016/17 season.

A. The Jock McGregor handicap will carry ranking points in line with all ABC’s and the short format matchplay.
B. Points for plate matches will be enhanced.
C. In the early rounds players will be allocated refereeing duties as part of the draw.

A.   In theory a handicap event gives all players an equal chance. The committee feels that one such event out of seven is acceptable especially as a player’s worst result can still be shed. The E.A. and the matchplay will remain compulsory points for the main rankings and the G.M. and the matchplay for the senior rankings.

Due to the enhanced importance of the Jock McGregor an objective handicapping system needs to be employed. This will be done by calculating a benchmark based on the average score from all hourly games played on the ABC circuit from the previous season. Likewise an individual player’s average will be calculated and then compared with the benchmark. Obviously new players or those with a limited results sample will have to be assessed more subjectively.


B. Currently in the plate events points are awarded only for winner, runner-up and semi-finalists.
The committee have decided to award points for wins as in the main competition.

Current system    Main:  winner 30,  r/u  25,  s/f’s 20, Q/F’s 15, last 16/32 (ie. 1 win) 10,

Plate:  winner 15,  r/u  13,  s/f’s 10

All the above include 5 points for entering which all players receive.

New system         Main:  remains the same

Plate:  winner 15,  r/u  13  s/f’s 11, q/f’s 9, 1 win 7

A low entry or some opting out of the plate could mean the 7pts. category unused.

C. Number of referees is decreasing and  number of players willing to lend a hand varies. Referees at ABC’s understandably tend to select ‘attractive games’ hence a significant number of entrants often get no help whatsoever. The EABA believes all members are equals and deserve equal consideration hence the allocation of referees for the earlier rounds; initially prelims. and first round. This has been tried before with some success. It has to be the earlier rounds because on elimination a player may decide to go home. Obviously because the draw is random the allocation of referees is also random so the workload should eventually even out. Hopefully it might also lead to a greater awareness of players to help each other. The system will be monitored for a season and then re-evaluated.

During the last season too many errors occurred due to incorrect completion of the scorecards and the knock-on effect means that  rankings could also also be wrong. Can all players please ensure that the details presented to Clive are accurate.2016 English Amateur Final – Hall Hits Hat Trick

6th ABC – Nuneaton, 8th Feb 2015 – Rob Hall brings home the bacon

2015 Nuneaton ABC Winner

Winner Rob Hall pictured with tournament director Clive Scott

Chris Taylor pictured with Clive Scott

Chris Taylor pictured with Clive Scott

Rob Hall beat Martin Goodwill to take first prize in the final ABC ranking event at Nuneaton. Goodwill made it 2 finals in 2 appearances this season, narrowly making it through by 3 points in his quarter final against the unlucky Mark Hatton. Goodwill got past Chris Mitchell in his semi, with Hall beating Darren Kell. Brian Harvey had a good ton in losing to Kell, debutant Chris Wakelin played well until coming across Goodwill (scoring 539 in the hour) but Hall continued his dominance of procedures with a big win in the final, a score of 574 in an earlier round, 2 double centuries including the days highest and further increasing his rankings lead. Chris Taylor recovered from a first round defeat to the ever improving Adam Clarke to take the plate, beating Eddie Fielding in the final. Taylor squeezed past the unlucky Jim McCann in the quarters, making a 79unf to win by 7… Centuries were made by Brian Harvey (125), Rob Hall (163,208,100,208),  Mark Hatton (107), Martin Goodwill (162,165), and Darren Kell (157). An honorary mention for the hospitality from the host Atack club, especially the historic bacon buns!

Results Here, the rankings are up to date and not much changed, the Hall/Taylor top two looks assured.

Next ABC ranking event: Matchplay – Nuneaton, Sunday 15th March 2015.

5th ABC – Clay Cross, 11th Jan 2015 – Taylor made up to win again

Chris Taylor took a dramatic final to win his second ABC at Clay Cross. Untroubled in his run to the final, with a string of breaks on the way, he made a fine 159 break at his first visit in the final. Darren Kell dug in and with a century of his own made it a nail biter, Chris triumphing by 16 points. Dave Rees made the semi-final, as did Jack McLaughlin with a good win against John Mullane that included a century break. Mullane had earlier looked ominous, scoring freely, with the days highest break of 204. Mark Hatton had a notable win against runaway rankings leader Rob Hall. Mark Graham was pipped in his first round match at the death by 2 points but won his second Clay Cross plate of the season against Jim McCann, who ran out of time in his first match to lose by 9 points to Rob Hall whilst on a 65 unfinished break. Centuries were made by Alan Scott (154), Rob Hall (106), John Mullane (107, 204), Chris Taylor (159,131,102), Jack McLaughlin (105) and Darren Kell (105).

Full results are Here and the rankings are up to date.

Next ABC: Nuneaton, Sunday 8th February 2015.