English National Junior Finals – Woods, Boughen & Easter Triumph

Kings Lynn, 22nd May 2016

Nathan Boughen won the English Under 16 final by beating Merlin Knight in the final at Kings Lynn. In the under 19’s, Jack Easter got past Boughen, playing in his second final, to win. In the girls final, Rochy Woods overcame Hannah Green.

 Under 19
 SF 1  Merlin Knight  90  Tyler Whittred  68
 SF 2  Nathan Boughren  129 Callum Wilson-West  69
 Final  Nathan Boughren  130  Merlin Knight  88
 Under 16
 SF 1  Jack Easter  181  James Freestone  102
 SF 2  Nathan Boughren  113  Rochy Woods  108
 Final  Jack Easter  238  Nathan Boughren  120
 Girls Final  Rochy Woods  beat  Hannah Green


2017/18 Second ABC Event – Nichols Hits Double Top

Clay Cross, 8th October 2017

David Nichols played well throughout this event to win his first ABC for some 13 years. He saved his best until the final, defeating English Amateur champion Rob Hall with the aid of the days highest break of 194 (after a 120unf in an earlier round), taking the prize from Hall’s 193 break (which surpassed his earlier break of 164). Gary Norman again made the semi final (against Hall), York teacher Jon Marwood having a good run until Nicholls taught him a lesson in the other semi.

In the plate, Teessiders Darren Kell and Jon Snee fought a great semi-final, Snee hitting a century break but Kell timed his comeback well to be unbeaten at the bell on 31 to win by 8 points.  Bill Andress lost out in the semi to Eddie Fielding who stayed with Kell to the 100 point mark in the final but then a stream of breaks sealed it for Kell. Richard Whittle had a noteable first round win against previous ABC event winner Kell.

ABC debuts were made by Michael Cockcroft and Chris Bishop.

The EABA would like to thank all at the Clay Cross Club for their good playing conditions and support.

Results are Here

EABA Junior Finals Day – Rochy Woods, Matt Lyon & Reggie Edwards star…

21st March 2015, Grantham Snooker Centre.

Reggie Edwards won the under 16’s, Matt Lyon the under 19’s and Rochy Woods the girls final beating Jack Easter, Tony Hackett and Hannah Green respectively.

English Under-19 Champions

Year Winner Score Runner-up
2008 Ryan Clark 503-264 Bruce Welham
2007 Dominic Mulhall 588-361 Steven Kerr
2006 Dominic Mulhall 666-281 Darren Cook
2005 Dominic Mulhall 353-320 Jamie Edwards
2004 Billy Bousfield 399-220 Michael Donnelly
2003 Dominic Mulhall 270-210 Jamie Edwards
2002 Robin Wilson 456-158 Peter Gamblin
2001 Robin Wilson 354-193 Jimmy Chambers
2000 Robin Wilson 399-188 Martin Shutt
1999 Matthew Sutton 293-129 Jimmy Chambers
1998 Robin Wilson 343-223 Matthew Sutton
1997 Robin Wilson 359-244 Matt Willard
1996 Chris Shutt 503-208 Chris Brunskill
1995 Chris Shutt 417-188 Chris Brunskill
1994 Lee Lagan 317-225 Michael Westthorpe
1993 Michael Westthorpe 417-276 Peter Sheehan
1991 David Causier Lee Lagan
1990 Mike Dunn Shaun Golightly
1989 Glen Cromack 304-202 Michael Leach
1988 Mike Stocks 218-203 Nick Hayward
1987 Mike Russell Peter Gilchrist
1986 Mike Russell
1985 Stephen Naisby 306-181 Peter Gilchrist
1984 Stephen Naisby 308-181 Simon Snee
1983 Stephen Naisby 328-228 Stephen Walker
1982 Robert Marshall 296-239 Kevin Walsh
1981 Shaun Hawkins 264-166 Mark Heller
1980 Geoff Charville 216-187 Martin Goodwill
1979 Mick Garvey 237-192 Paul McGowan
1978 Ian Williamson 328-105 John Barnes
1977 Ian Williamson 289-133 John Barnes
1976 Steve Davis 435-259 Ian Williamson
1975 Eugene Hughes 440-325 Ian Williamson
1974 Trevor Wells 414-285 Denis Rothwell
1973 Willie Thorne 598-566 Peter Edworthy
1972 Willie Thorne 497-240 Clive Palmer
1971 Willie Thorne Russell Toombes
1970 John Terry W Blake
1969 Dave Burgess 501-436 John Terry
1968 Dennis Taylor Dave Burgess
1967 No Contest
1966 No Contest
1965 No Contest
1964 No Contest
1963 Tony Matthews 572-323 Michael McCann
1962 Tony Matthews 485-395 Dennis Rhodes
1961 Paddy Morgan 538-357 Tony Matthews
1960 David Bend 468-408 Colin Davies
1959 Paddy Morgan 446-321 Peter Shelley
1958 Christopher Marks 414-351 Colin Dean
1957 Colin Myers 381-306 Colin Dean
1956 Clive Everton 429-277 Granville Hampson
1955 Donald Scott 538-360 Clive Everton
1954 Mark Wildman Donald Scott
1953 Mark Wildman Emlyn Parry
1952 John Sinclair 442-363 Brian Simpson
1951 Rex Williams 751-270 Jack Carney
1950 Rex Williams Jack Carney
1949 George Toner 500-298 Ron Gross

English Under-16 Champions

Year Winner Score Runner-up
2008 Ryan Clark 690-224 Michael Williams
2007 James Halpin 351-331 Ryan Clark
2006 Darren Cook 435-325 James Halpin
2005 Darren Cook 315-277 Ricky Easter
2004 Dominic Mulhall 289-199 Ross McDonald
2003 Jamie Edwards 253-181 Callum Robinson
2002 Michael Donnelly 406-226 Daniel Dobbs
2001 Peter Gamblin 300-163 Danny Beagrie
2000 Peter Gamblin 254-164 Billy Bousfield
1999 Robin Wilson 450-175 Allan Taylor
1998 Matthew Sutton 319-196 Robin Wilson
1997 Robin Wilson 313-235 Martin Shutt
1996 Dean Bavister 213-152 Robin Wilson
1995 Chris Brunskill 274-155 Robin Wilson
1994 Alan Scott 279-211 Previn Shukle
1993 Chris Shutt 501-128 Phil Johnson
1992 No Contest
1991 Michael Westthorp
1990 Lee Lagan
1989 Lee Cuthbert 319-235 David Causier
1988 Sacha Journett n/s Daniel Bewick
1987 Paul Boden
1986 Lee Connor
1985 Mike Russell 464-111 N. Prior
1984 Chris Rowntree 286-257 Jon Birch
1983 Peter Gilchrist 230-175 Simon Snee
1982 Stephen Naisby 307-164 Robert Williamson
1981 David Presgrave 197-170 Ian Marks
1980 Kevin Walsh 197-165 Paul Jones
1979 Tony Pyle 200-147 Kevin Walsh
1978 Kevin Walsh 234-142 Danny Adds
1977 David Bonney 263-156 Ged Calvey
1976 David Bonney 291-192 Keith Martin
1975 Steve McNamara 369-306 John Barnes
1974 Peter Allen 340-177 Clint Houlihan
1973 Trevor Wells 577-316 Dennis Rothwell
1972 Peter Bardsley 365-260 Dennis Rothwell
1971 Peter Bardsley N Fairall
1970 Willie Thorne Peter Bardsley
1969 Peter Bardsley C Boden
1968 Christopher Williamson 299-238 David Ross
1967 No Contest
1966 No Contest
1965 No Contest
1964 No Contest
1963 No Contest
1962 No Contest
1961 No Contest
1960 Dec Bernard Whitehead 400-205 Keith Richardson
1960 Jan Tony Matthews 400-160 R. Tumman
1959 No Contest
1958 Jan Patrick Morgan 400-260 David Bend
1955 Dec Colin Dean 400-360 Alan Gadsden
1955 Jan David Deakes 400-331 G Waite
1954 Jan Henry Burns 400-300 David Deakes
1953 Jan Clive Everton 400-197 Jack Lambert
1951 Dec Markham Wildman 400-355 John Burgess
1950 Dec Emlyn Parry 400-383 Marcus Owen
1949 Dec Marcus Owen 400-152 Michael Leydon
1948 Dec Rex Williams Michael Leydon
1947 Dec Rex Williams J. Carney
1946 No Contest
1945 No Contest
1944 No Contest
1943 No Contest
1942 No Contest
1941 No Contest
1940 Barrie Smith (Later John Barrie)
1939 Richie Smith
1938 No Contest
1937 D. Curson W. Milburn
1936 Donald Cruikshank 750-647 Harry Stokes
1935 Dec Donald Cruikshank 750-618 Harry Stokes
1934 Dec Donald Cruikshank 750-568 Ronald Ballard
1934 May Ronald Ballard 300-239 G Sparks
1933 Dec Willie Swinhoe 750-739 Donald Cruikshank
1932 Dec Jack Wright 750-
1931 Dec Dennis Hawkes 750- Willie Swinhoe
1931 Jan Charles Desbottles Terence Steeples
1929 Dec Harold Bennett 750-452 W H Dennis
1928 Dec Fred Davis 750-529 Harold Bennett
1928 Apr Robert Bennett 750-559 Jack Forrester
1926 Dec Reggie Gartland 750-282 Robert Bennett
1925 Dec Reggie Gartland Sydney Lee
1925 Apr Sydney Lee 700- George Cooper
Details 1924 Apr Laurie Steeples George Cooper
Details 1923 Apr Willie Leigh 600-482 Frank Edwards
Details 1922 Jun Walter Donaldson 1000-686 H Renaut

Junior Billiards – Finals Day

The 2011/12 season culminated with a very successful Under 19, Under 16 and girl’s championship held at Grantham Snooker and Pool Club. It is an excellent venue and one which we can hopefully use again. All expected players were present and immaculately attired for the occasion.

Aaron Hatton (Teeside) retained his U19 title, his third in a row, by defeating Jonathan Snee (Teeside) in the final. Sam Betts fromNorwichtook the U16 title by defeating Chesterfield’s Adam Stewart, the match being in the balance until the last five minutes when Betts edged away. As expectedDerby’s Hannah Jones dominated the girl’s competition and also reached the semi-final of the under 16’s.

The highest break of the day was recorded by Jonathan Snee with a fine run of 83 against George Pragnell and Adam Stewart had a match best break of 60 at the round robin stage.

On behalf of the EABA many thanks to the Grantham Snooker and Pool Club. Also to the generous sponsors of the Junior Game: namely John Benson, John Richmond, Richie Evans, Norman Routledge and Tim Godolphin.

Thank you to those officiating on the day: namely Clive Scott, Joe Graham, Peter Cooper, Bob Slee, Dave Richardson, Michael Wright and Steve Crosland and for the support of all the players and parents.

A special thank you to English Amateur Champion Rob Hall for presenting the prizes.

Congratulations to our three Champions and well done to Chris. Coumbe and Joe Graham for making the incredibly long round trip from Devon andCornwall.

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Eaba Plymouth 2012 March 17th

Northern Ireland v England
The Reading Rooms
Co Down
England 19-13 N.Ireland
Congratulations to the England side who won this event .
Our team of Jonathon Snee, Adam Stewart and Luke Christain deserve much praise for winning the two day event , which was our first Junior competition truimph in 2 years (since we last won the Kingsman Cup in Belfast in 2010).
Jonathon Snee was unbeaten over the 2 days and acheived an excellant win over Kenny Campbell , who himself has represented his country as a senior international already.
Both Adam Stewart and Luke Christain (who was earning his 4th cap) pulled their weight also in what was a real team effort.
Thanks must go to Simon Snee, John Stewart and Darren Christain who supervised the Junior Team.
The Junior team now will move onto this summers W/G Cup which we excpect now to be held in England, and will be contested on the weekend of 28-29th July.To date the Rep of Ireland , Northern Ireland and England A & England B have entered.
The W/G Cup will prove a harder challenge, however we are sure our teams will rise to this exciting challenge.

The England Junior Billiards Team played in the Kingsman Cup in Northern Ireland over the weekend.

From left to right the Luke Christian (Boston), Clive Scott (Tournament Director), Jonathon Snee (Middlesb’ro), Adam Stewart (Chesterfield).

National Junior Tour – Event 5 (Leeds)

Chesterfields Adam Stewart cemented his place at the top of the National Rankings when winning Event 5 of the Junior Tour which was kindly held at Leeds, Northern Snooker Centre.
Middlesboroughs Jonathon Snee was Runner-up and consequently raised his ranking to joint 5th.
Mat Lyons (East Dereham) who reached the Semi-Finals is now ranked no2.

Stewarts 35 was the days highest break.

High Breaks Listed as Follows:

44-Mike Brindley
43-Dan Leggassick
40-Chris Coumbe
38-Haydon Pinhey
36-Jonathon Snee
35-Adam Stewart
31-Ryan Jackson
30-Mat Lyons

Eaba Plymouth 2011 December 3rd