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2017/18 Second ABC Event – Nichols Hits Double Top

Clay Cross, 8th October 2017

David Nichols played well throughout this event to win his first ABC for some 13 years. He saved his best until the final, defeating English Amateur champion Rob Hall with the aid of the days highest break of 194 (after a 120unf in an earlier round), taking the prize from Hall’s 193 break (which surpassed his earlier break of 164). Gary Norman again made the semi final (against Hall), York teacher Jon Marwood having a good run until Nicholls taught him a lesson in the other semi.

In the plate, Teessiders Darren Kell and Jon Snee fought a great semi-final, Snee hitting a century break but Kell timed his comeback well to be unbeaten at the bell on 31 to win by 8 points.  Bill Andress lost out in the semi to Eddie Fielding who stayed with Kell to the 100 point mark in the final but then a stream of breaks sealed it for Kell. Richard Whittle had a noteable first round win against previous ABC event winner Kell.

ABC debuts were made by Michael Cockcroft and Chris Bishop.

The EABA would like to thank all at the Clay Cross Club for their good playing conditions and support.

Results are Here

Christmas Draw

Winners of the EABA Christmas Draw were:
£150 Keith Lloyd (39)
£100 The Wharfdale Billiards & Snooker Association (135)
£50 Denis Marr (20)

7th January, 2010

Venue Change

Jock McGregor memorial and EABA AGM – 2nd/3rd May 2015.

Note the venue for the above will be Clay Cross in Derbyshire and not Boston as originally planned.

The full Agenda for the AGM is now available Here.

Full details on the AGM are now available Here.

Matchplay – Rob Hall is Top of the Pops

15th March 2015, Atack, Nuneaton.

Rob Hall sealed top place in the 2014/15 rankings by winning d in winning the matchplay event at Nuneaton, defeating Teessider Mark Hatton in the final, with unfinished breaks in all 3 final legs. Hall prevented an all Teesside final by taking his semi-final against the consistent Darren Kell, who in turn sealed second place in the rankings with just the English Amateur finals to play. Dave Nichols showed some form to make the semi’s and Chris Mitchell defeated Mick White in the plate final, sealing it with an unfinished run of 81.
Century breaks were hit by Rob Hall (102,100), Chris Taylor (100,103), Mark Hatton (100).

Results Here.

The rankings are up to date here.

The Jock McGregor Senior Billiards International

Saturday/Sunday 21st/22nd March 2015, Reading Rooms, Bangor, Northern Ireland.

England overcame a first day deficit of 16-20 to win the senior international 40-32. Back after a few years out were Sammy Clarke and Tony Buttimer who played well with 121 & 78 breaks in beating Brian Harvey and Norman Whaley had a noteable win over Jim McCann. The second day saw the result go to the last 6 matches with Dave Rees finding form to beat Tony Buttimer, Bill Andress taking a point and Eddie Fielding winning to set up the victory. Results to follow.

Tournament director Clive Scott ran a tight ship, ably assisted by Bob Slee, Martin O’Reilly, Tim Godolphin and Joe Graham.

EABA Junior Finals Day – Rochy Woods, Matt Lyon & Reggie Edwards star…

21st March 2015, Grantham Snooker Centre.

Reggie Edwards won the under 16’s, Matt Lyon the under 19’s and Rochy Woods the girls final beating Jack Easter, Tony Hackett and Hannah Green respectively.

2015 AGM Policy Changes

Following the recent AGM a few changes have been made to certain rules and policies these are outlined as follows:
 At the request of the website manager(s) asking for half points to be dispensed with the following has been decided:
From 2015/16 all ranking points will avoid using 1/2 or 0.5. All such awards will be raised to the next whole number.
For example: English Amateur & Grand Masters Q/F’s:  22.5pts. will become 23pts.
             and:  All ABC and English Amateur Match play plate competition runners-up: 12.5 pts. will become 13pts.
The committee also decided on the following:
If the full ranking list or the senior ranking list shows a tie for crucial positions such as 1st. or 8th. then points gained from the ‘compulsory points’ tournaments will be considered. That is: Full rankings – English Amateur and the Match play.  Senior rankings: Grand Masters and the Match play.
The EABA recognises this is an emotive issue, nevertheless the aim is to avoid byes, sustain playing time and hence maximise value for money. The policy is only applicable after the round – robin format with the relevant tournaments being the English Amateur and the Grand Masters.
The policy can be implemented between (A) regional and intermediate stage and (B) intermediate stage and the last 16 (the K.O.stage)
(A) A replacement will be someone from the same region (not just the same group), with 2 wins from 3 in a group of 4 or 1 win from 2 in a group of 3. If there is more than one such candidate the points difference will be considered. The EABA recognises that it is mathematical possible but unlikely for all candidates from groups of 4 to have 1 win. If this occurs the best points difference will prevail. If the number of regional entries is such that unequal group sizes are unavoidable then points difference will decide between 1:2 and  2:3 ratios.
(B) The intermediate stage (32 players) will be 8 groups of 4 and any replacement will be found by considering the full sample using the above criteria for groups of 4.
The policy will be used between regionals and finals day as in the English Amateur section (A).
Notes: Absenteeism on the day is already covered in  tournament rules.
           The policy will be implemented when a qualifier has to withdraw and gives sufficient time for the Association to react.
           The EABA will apply the policy in a fair way bearing in mind that differing circumstances and the unforeseen can and do occur.

English Amateur – Quarter Finals

Played 22nd February, Clay Cross, Derbyshire. Congratulations to Rob Hall, Darren Kell, Phil Mumford and Geoff Brassington on qualifying for the semis. Scores from Clay Cross:

Session 1 Breaks (50+) Total Session 1 Breaks (50+) Total
Rob Hall  644  78,56,68,78,159,93,231,211,102,160,133,199 1817 Chris Taylor  207  58,57  331
Darren Kell  532  61,76,73 1044 Phil Welham  276  68,78,52 704
Phil Mumford  417  53,87,202,152,87  1288 John Mullane  373  115,59 773
Geoff Brassington  417 85,67,72,166,57 963 Jonathon Marwood  230  122 563

English Amateur – Last 16 – Former Winners Go Out

Former winners Sutton and Goodwill exit at last 16 stage, along with messrs Crossland, Winn, Goodwin, Duggan, Mitchell & Azor. Results are as shown below from Darley Dale on Saturday 21stFebruary.

Rob Hall  102,52,200,103,156,117,61,102,258 1655 Chris Mitchell 521
Darren Kell  50,80,52,63,73,109,99  1014 Jason Goodwin  92,75  600
Chris Taylor  82,81,57,64,57,71,54,75unf  942 Terry Azor  53,51,53  667
Geoff Brassington  169,91,56  801 Martin Goodwill  105,89,67,53,94  719
Phil Mumford  101,196,119,110,74,76  899 Matt Sutton  50,74,92,89,82,107  890
Phil Welham 59,54,67,80,83  1020 Steve Crossland  61,62,60,61,70,104  978
Jonathon Marwood  52,66  839 Arthur Winn  90  762
John Mullane  78,71,88,108,71,78  1112 Eddie Duggan  113,127  888

Friendly Cup International – England Retain Trophy

Boston – 24th/25th January 2015

England retained the Friendly Cup by 50-14 in a great weekend of billiards in Boston. Darren Kell led the way, being unbeaten throughout. Rob Hall had 4 centuries, Chris Taylor a 117, Brian Harvey, Chris Mitchell, Arthur Winn, Steve Crossland and Eddie Duggan all contributing to the points haul. For the Irish there were notable wins by Kenny Campbell and Christian Kirk had some good breaks and a notable win in tying a high quality match with Rob Hall 1-1.

England Team English Referees

2015 ABC Annual Xmas Draw

The Lucky Winners are:

Terry Ward – £150
Judith Lloyd – £100
Albert Armitage – £50