Matchplay – Rob Hall is Top of the Pops

15th March 2015, Atack, Nuneaton.

Rob Hall sealed top place in the 2014/15 rankings by winning the matchplay event at Nuneaton, defeating Teessider Mark Hatton in the final, with unfinished breaks in all 3 final legs. Hall prevented an all Teesside final by taking his semi-final against the consistent Darren Kell, who in turn sealed second place in the rankings with just the English Amateur finals to play. Dave Nichols showed some form to make the semi’s and Chris Mitchell defeated Mick White in the plate final, sealing it with an unfinished run of 81.
Century breaks were hit by Rob Hall (102,100), Chris Taylor (100,103), Mark Hatton (100).

Results Here.

The rankings are up to date here.

 Venue Change

Jock McGregor memorial and EABA AGM – 2nd/3rd May 2015.

Note the venue for the above will be Clay Cross in Derbyshire and not Boston as originally planned.


English Billiard Finals

The Whitworth Centre, Darley Dale, Derbyshire.

Saturday 11th April 2015: 11:00 to 13:00 and 14:15 to 16:15 – Rob Hall vs Geoff Brassington, Darren Kell vs Phil Mumford Sunday 12th April 2015: 11:00 to 13:00 and 14:15 to 16:15 £3 covers all sessions, advance tickets available from Jim McCann, tel. 01629 734269

 Friendly Cup International – England Retain Trophy

Boston – 24th/25th January

England retained the Friendly Cup by 50-14 in a great weekend of billiards in Boston. Darren Kell led the way, being unbeaten throughout. Rob Hall had 4 centuries, Chris Taylor a 117, Brian Harvey, Chris Mitchell, Arthur Winn, Steve Crossland and Eddie Duggan all contributing to the points haul. For the Irish there were notable wins by Kenny Campbell and Christian Kirk had some good breaks and a notable win in tying a high quality match with Rob Hall 1-1.

England Team

England Team

English Referees

English Referees


Grand Masters – Hedley Triumphs

Jack Hedley came out on top in the Grand Masters tournament, overcoming Peter Shelley in the semi-final and Brian Harvey in the final, Harvey earlier defeating Jim McCann in the other semi.

Grand Masters Winner

Winner Jack Hedley (2nd left) pictured with officials

Full report and rankings update pending. Last 16 qualifers: South: J Hedley, T Azor, J Hoad North: J McCann, J McLaughlin, D Rees, B French, T Clegg North West: D Marr, P Shelley South East:  M Johnson, A Winn, S Springham, S Tuck, J Wayman South West: B Harvey Played at Atack Snooker Centre, Nuneaton, Sunday 1st March Full qualifying results  Here


English Amateur – Quarter Finals

Played 22nd February, Clay Cross, Derbyshire. Congratulations to Rob Hall, Darren Kell, Phil Mumford and Geoff Brassington on qualifying for the semis. Scores from Clay Cross:

Session 1 Breaks (50+) Total Session 1 Breaks (50+) Total
Rob Hall  644  78,56,68,78,159,93,231,211,102,160,133,199 1817 Chris Taylor  207  58,57  331
Darren Kell  532  61,76,73 1044 Phil Welham  276  68,78,52 704
Phil Mumford  417  53,87,202,152,87  1288 John Mullane  373  115,59 773
Geoff Brassington  417 85,67,72,166,57 963 Jonathon Marwood  230  122 563

English Amateur – Last 16 – Former Winners Go Out

Former winners Sutton and Goodwill exit at last 16 stage, along with messrs Crossland, Winn, Goodwin, Duggan, Mitchell & Azor. Results are as shown below from Darley on Saturday 21stFebruary.

Rob Hall  102,52,200,103,156,117,61,102,258 1655 Chris Mitchell 521
Darren Kell  50,80,52,63,73,109,99  1014 Jason Goodwin  92,75  600
Chris Taylor  82,81,57,64,57,71,54,75unf  942 Terry Azor  53,51,53  667
Geoff Brassington  169,91,56  801 Martin Goodwill  105,89,67,53,94  719
Phil Mumford  101,196,119,110,74,76  899 Matt Sutton  50,74,92,89,82,107  890
Phil Welham 59,54,67,80,83  1020 Steve Crossland  61,62,60,61,70,104  978
Jonathon Marwood  52,66  839 Arthur Winn  90  762
John Mullane  78,71,88,108,71,78  1112 Eddie Duggan  113,127  888

 Timmy Murphy

We have just receive the sad news that Irish International player Timmy Murphy has passed away. Our sympathies go out to his family and friends.

 English Amateur Championship – Last 16 to 8 to 4

The qualifers for the last 16 of the English amateur championship are as follows: South: Martin Goodwill, Chris Mitchell, Jason Goodwin, John Mullane North: Rob Hall, Jon Marwood, Geoff Brassington, Darren Kell, Eddie Duggan, Steve Crossland South East:  Chris Taylor, Matt Sutton, Phil Mumford, Phil Welham, Arthur Winn, Dave Nichols (*). (*) Dave Nichols has since withdrawn and will be replaced by Terry Azor (please see EABA policy on substitutions here) To be played: Saturday & Sunday 21st & 22nd February 2015, Clay Cross, Derbyshire.

6th ABC – Nuneaton, 8th Feb 2015 – Rob Hall brings home the bacon

2015 Nuneaton ABC Winner

Winner Rob Hall pictured with tournament director Clive Scott

Chris Taylor pictured with Clive Scott

Chris Taylor pictured with Clive Scott

Rob Hall beat Martin Goodwill to take first prize in the final ABC ranking event at Nuneaton. Goodwill made it 2 finals in 2 appearances this season, narrowly making it through by 3 points in his quarter final against the unlucky Mark Hatton. Goodwill got past Chris Mitchell in his semi, with Hall beating Darren Kell. Brian Harvey had a good ton in losing to Kell, debutant Chris Wakelin played well until coming across Goodwill (scoring 539 in the hour) but Hall continued his dominance of procedures with a big win in the final, a score of 574 in an earlier round, 2 double centuries including the days highest and further increasing his rankings lead. Chris Taylor recovered from a first round defeat to the ever improving Adam Clarke to take the plate, beating Eddie Fielding in the final. Taylor squeezed past the unlucky Jim McCann in the quarters, making a 79unf to win by 7… Centuries were made by Brian Harvey (125), Rob Hall (163,208,100,208),  Mark Hatton (107), Martin Goodwill (162,165), and Darren Kell (157). An honorary mention for the hospitality from the host Atack club, especially the historic bacon buns!

Results Here, the rankings are up to date and not much changed, the Hall/Taylor top two looks assured.

Next ABC ranking event: Matchplay – Nuneaton, Sunday 15th March 2015.

DVDs for Sale

 We have DVD’s available of the Semi Finals and Final of the EABA Finals at Darley Dale.  All these are available in one Boxed set. These can be purchased from Clive Scott at ABC events and also can ordered directly from Colin Lewis.

He can be contacted on the following email address Also available are videos of Chris Shutt, taken at various tournaments including Cambridge and Leeds, part of which show Chris making 421 at the Northern Snooker Centre in 2008 and, Roxton making 315, also at the same venue in the 2006 UK Championship which he ultimately won. A proportion of the proceeds from the sale of the English Amateur DVDs will go to support E.A.B.A. once the cost of producing them has been achieved. these are available at £7.50. The ones of Chris Shutt and Roxton Chapman are available at £3.00.

There are many more pieces of footage of billiard players such as Geet Sethi, Advani, Mike Russell, Norman Dagley, Robbie Foldvari and Peter Gilchrist as well as various English Amateur Finals involving Martin Goodwill, Rob Hall, Matthew Sutton, Phil Mumford and Billy Bousfield.

English Amateur Championship – Intermediate Stage Draw

Group Draws are Here, formal dress code applies. To be played: Sunday 1st February 2015.

 5th ABC – Clay Cross, 11th Jan 2015 – Taylor made up to win again

Chris Taylor took a dramatic final to win his second ABC at Clay Cross. Untroubled in his run to the final, with a string of breaks on the way, he made a fine 159 break at his first visit in the final. Darren Kell dug in and with a century of his own made it a nail biter, Chris triumphing by 16 points. Dave Rees made the semi-final, as did Jack McLaughlin with a good win against John Mullane that included a century break. Mullane had earlier looked ominous, scoring freely, with the days highest break of 204. Mark Hatton had a notable win against runaway rankings leader Rob Hall. Mark Graham was pipped in his first round match at the death by 2 points but won his second Clay Cross plate of the season against Jim McCann, who ran out of time in his first match to lose by 9 points to Rob Hall whilst on a 65 unfinished break. Centuries were made by Alan Scott (154), Rob Hall (106), John Mullane (107, 204), Chris Taylor (159,131,102), Jack McLaughlin (105) and Darren Kell (105).

Full results are Here and the rankings are up to date.

Next ABC: Nuneaton, Sunday 8th February 2015.

 EABA – President

The EABA committee is pleased to announce the election of Derick Townend to the position of President of the Association. Derick’s contribution to amateur billiards over numerous years is immeasurable and the decision to instate him was unanimous.
Derick’s response: ” I am proud and honoured to be elected and will do all I can to help the EABA”.

Members Draw

At the ABC before Christmas we had the members’ draw. The outcome was as follows:
1st prize   £150  no. 237  D. Bentinck
2nd prize £100  no.   72   T. Keeling
3rd prize  £50   no.  231  M. White

4th ABC – Fareham, 14th Dec 2014 – Rob Hall shows no xmas Goodwill

Rob Hall took yet another ABC on the south coast at Fareham, spoilling Marting Goodwills return by beating him in the final.Chris Taylor and Steve Crossland were semi-finalists. The days highest break, by Rob Hall, was a stupendous effort of 348 and another great effort of 282! Terry Azor won his second plate final of the season with a century in the semi final. Dale Schofield was beaten by a girl! Not just any girl, local lady Emma Bonney is a multi World Ladies Billiards champion making a welcome appearance in the ABC series making the plate final. Full results are Here and the rankings are up to date. Next ABC: Clay Cross, Derbyshire, Sunday 11th January 2015.

 English Amateur County Team Billiards Championship

Atack Snooker Club, Nuneaton. Sunday 23rd November 2014.

The Yorkshire team of Crossland, Bagley and Peaker won the county championship in Nuneaton, fending off Derbyshire (McCann, Rees and Bennet) in the final. Cornwall A won the plate final, beating their fellow tinmen in the first round and Cambridge in the final. Full results are Here

 4 Nations Billiards International – England Retain Trophy

Cue Ball Club – Derby – 15th/16th November 2014

England retained the four nations trophy in a great weekend of billiards in Derby. England’s top dogs of Hall, Mullane, Taylor and Kell were unbeaten throughout, with Duggan and Winn doing well on debut. The, (sorry chaps) old stagers of Harvey and Mitchell made up the winning team. A number of other centuries were made over the weekend, Rob Hall topping the list with a magnificent top break of 341 . Northern Ireland were runners up, scoring consistently throughout the weekend, with Christian Kirk having a ton in pushing Rob Hall. The Republic were only 8 points off their neighbours, with Wayne Doyle scoring well and hitting a century. Austria continued to progress, finishing with a creditable 20 points with notable breaks from Stegemeir, Rieschl and Schmidt. Final score: England 62, Northern Ireland 35, Republic of Ireland 27, Austria 20 points. Full results to follow.

 2014/15 English Amateur Regional Qualifiers

Full results now uploaded Here. The following have qualified for the last 32 of this seasons competition from the qualifiers played on 2nd November 2014. South East Region: Matt Lyon, Arthur Winn, Steve Tuck, Phil Mumford, Dave Nichols, Phil Welham, Matt Sutton, Chris Cator, Jamie Wayman, Gary Norman, Nathan Mann. North West Region: Geoff Brassington, Peter Shelley, Eddie Duggan, Eddie Fielding North/Midlands Region: John Bagley, Darren Kell, Rob Hall, Chris Taylor, Jim McCann, John Marwood, Steve Kershaw, Matthew Peaker, Steve Crossland. Southern Region: Martin Goodwill, John Mullane, Jason Goodwin, T Thorn, Terry Azor, M Lott.

  ABC Cambridge – 12th October 2014 – John Mullane Wins

John Mullane won the 2nd ABC event of the season, after beating Rob Hall in the semis. Chris Taylor was the beaten finalist, beating Mark Graham in his semi with a break of 168 narrowly missing out on being the days highest by Rob, a 173. Chris Cator triumphed in the plate final by 2 points over Eddie Fielding which was some consolation for being narrowly beaten by 3 points in the main event. Full results are now online Here and the ranking table is up to date.

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